Things to Plan When Choosing the Catering Service

If you are planning for a dinner party at home or a special event, catering service is an essential element to consider beforehand. Different functions need different types of catering, so you would have to find out your actual catering needs in order to be able to find the best catering services.
How Your Planning Should Go

Since planning and research is the first thing you have to start with understanding the practical catering needs of your party. Make a list of basic things that a Portland catering provider would offer you for the event if you’re in Portland. Here are a few points:

•    Date and Time of Your Event

1.    First and foremost, confirm the date and time of your event. Next is to choose a suitable location. Once done, you can go for booking the catering provider.

•    Budget

2.    Budget would probably play the most important role in the planning of your catering in Portland since catering is only one department, and there are so many other departments to plan and fix. You may take your head count (how many people will be present at the party) into account as well.

•    Menus

3.    What types of food will your invitees prefer? Does the location have some specific taste when it comes to foods? Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian or completely vegan? These questions will help you have your menu list sorted.

•    Catering Equipment and Decoration Items

4.    The Portland catering equipment again depends on the head count. According to the number of people will be present, the catering provider will arrange chairs, tables, fabric etc. A good decoration will enhance the beauty of the party, so it’s a must-have.

These are a few good points to start with when you are going to choose a right catering provider for your party.


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